City Green


Sustainable practices, beautiful environments and functionality for the urban landscape. City Green is the practice of integrating landscape, city form, productive landscapes, food systems, great public places, and healthy green space into dynamic places to live and work. Everything takes place within the landscape. A coherent and attractive network of spaces to inhabit and travel through is vital to vibrant and sustainable city life. City Green addresses the functionality of flows and networks within the multi-layered systems inherent in urbanism, recognizing the importance of connections and relationships on the ground to social, economic and environmental health. City Green is our vision for great city living. Beautiful, sustainable and functional.


Lafayette Greens is a vegetable and fruit garden in the heart of downtown Detroit that re-imagines urban agriculture as a new kind of urban place that enriches and enhances the urban experience. Producing fresh food in our cities, right where we live, work and eat, brings together green space, public space, public health, community engagement and sustainability into city spaces that are imbued with purpose and meaning, grounded in place, and that renew our connection to the natural world. These landscapes are not only productive in the economic sense, as in food production and work opportunities, but also productive in the cultural sense, as a place of meeting and expression of place, including cuisine, visual and performance arts.

GROWTOWN XDetroit, Michigan

The GrowTown team offers professional design and planning skills to small communities that could not otherwise afford these services. Thoughtful informed design brings together the needs and initiatives of the community in a way that strengthens individual efforts, and increases the possibility of realizing projects and goals. Following the visioning and design process, the GrowTown role is then one of ongoing support with a database of knowledge, technologies, and connections. Connecting people to information and people to people is what makes big things happen.

OAKMAN GREEN XDetroit, Michigan

Deak Planning + Design and KWLA’s Oakman Green uses landscape and planning to connect and organize land parcels, existing roads, infrastructure, properties and open space to build a framework that enables residents to be able to create a healthy, sustainable local community in areas with unprecedented challenges.

PENROSE VILLAGE XDetroit, Michigan

Located between Woodward Ave. and John R. Street north of 7 Mile, Penrose Village is one of the first neighborhoods in Detroit to embrace the GrowTown development model of providing the framework and support to neighborhood residents, businesses and not-for-profits to build enabling spaces and connections that make the growth of dynamic and sustainable communities possible. Phase 1 of Penrose includes 36 single-family 3 and 4 bedroom affordable rental homes, and Art House and Children’s Art Garden.
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