The KWLA design philosophy is rooted in a profound respect for the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Recognizing the deep connections between people, place and landscape, our vision is to promote sustainable development by creating healthy, vibrant and livable places. Protecting and celebrating the interconnected natural systems of water, air, people and land, we see Landscape Architecture as the framework for integrating environmental responsibility, social-well being and creative design that results in successful projects for clients and healthy communities.
KWLA places a strong emphasis on a personal hands-on approach that allows us to meet our clients’ needs. Approaching design work as a unique collaboration between designer, client, citizens and landscape we believe that consensus and understanding are the foundations for creative design and outstanding projects that come in on budget and on time.
Using a multi-disciplinary team process, KWLA brings together the talents of landscape architects, site planners, architects, environmental specialists, engineers and the client. Collaborative work generates innovative, creative solutions that are site and project specific, tailored to the unique requirements of each client. With our Principals personally involved in every project, and with a commitment to design excellence and close observation at every phase of a project, we have enjoyed and value many longstanding relationships with our clients.